Unlike “specialized” ED website firms that sell templated website portals-or “generalized” website development firms that tend to sell “websites in a box” and are virtually clueless about economic development-an economic development website designed and built by Ady Voltedge is created exclusively for your region.


Features of the Ady Voltedge process include:

Turnkey Convenience

Ady Voltedge offers you a powerful toolbox of mix-and-match features for your economic development organization, tourism board, association, or municipality — customized as a turnkey package created specifically to market your unique region. We differentiate our websites by integrating your website into other marketing activities and by being expert in economic development website navigation and content. We’ve audited more than 100 economic development websites. We know where to find the data to best position your region and how to customize the navigation to best highlight your region’s strengths.

Content Management SystemIEDC-Ribbon-Gold.png

Referred to as the best CMS in the economic development industry, the Ady Voltedge content management system (CMS) allows you to update your website copy, images, interactive maps, and more from any Web browser anytime and anywhere in the world, using familiar word processing commands similar to Microsoft® Word.

Now with over 20 smartly-designed plug-and-play modules designed for economic development organizations, we can create the perfect website for you in a cost-effective manner. Options include GIS Mapping, Sites & Buildings, Slide Shows, and many other modules that give your website the exact functionality you need.

For the techies in the house, our CMS is based on open-sourced code, customized to ensure Section 508 compliance and W3C accessibility, as well as cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility. All of our websites automatically display correctly on tablets and other mobile devices. Contact us for a demo.

Interactive Mapping

Let’s face it: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an interactive map is worth more than that. Especially if you are selling a place.

The Ady Voltedge GIS Mapping tool allows you to present interactive maps with a customizable interface on your economic development, tourism, or association website, displaying available sites and buildings, including virtual tours, virtual spec buildings, proximity to key infrastructure, and more.

You have the ability to easily add, remove and edit layers as well as to add, remove, and edit points within each layer.

Site Analytics

Ady Voltedge will equip your website with robust Google® Analytics that allow you to collect, measure, and analyze the traffic that comes to it. You will know from where your visitors come, how often they visit, how long they stay, and what parts of your EDO website are of most interest to them.

Free Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engine rankings is best done throughout the development of your website — not something to be tacked on after the website is done. Ady Voltedge routinely takes more than a dozen steps on each and every website we build to ensure that we are doing everything in our control to improve your search engine rankings organically. These range from the easy and obvious to the not-so-easy or obvious.

Contact us to find out more about the techniques we use. And best of all, because SEO is an integral part of the Ady Voltedge website development process, there is never an extra fee.

Social Media

Tools such as press releases, e-newsletters, and RSS feeds help maintain the interest of corporate site selectors and other decision makers, keeping your constituent communities connected to companies that are considering location, relocation, or expansion.

We have CMS modules and experience in implementing all the common social media. But in our experience, what will differentiate you from the 3,000+ competing organizations is not just execution – it’s strategy. We can help you determine the best strategy and help you implement it based on our marketing and technical expertise.


Contact us today to see some of the websites we’ve developed or find out more about our approach to economic development marketing.

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