Ady Voltedge offers a beginning to end solution for utilities.

Utilities are leading champions for economic development because their business goals are focused on growing existing business, attracting new business, creating jobs and promoting wealth. To do those things effectively, you must identify your region’s unique strengths, align those strengths with the operational needs of industry, and communicate your message to site selectors and business leaders. Ady Voltedge has assembled a team of professionals with expertise in all of those components.

Economic Development Strategic Planning for Utilities

What are you strengths? Who do you compete with? How can you increase your deal close rate?

  • Competitiveness Rankings versus Peer Locations
  • Program Competiveness, Development, and Communications
  • Incentives Competitiveness, Development and Communications

Target Industry Analyses and Marketing for Utilities

What industries could thrive in your service territory? How do they make location decisions?
How can you make your message known to decision makers?

  • Asset Analysis
  • Labor Force Analyses
  • Cluster Analyses
  • Supply Chain Gap Analysis
  • Marketing Plan
  • Development of “Pitch” Materials
  • Site Selector Targeting and Campaigns
  • Trade Show Targeting and Campaigns
  • Company Recruitment Campaigns

Ady Voltedge also offers Specialized Data Center Assessment & Recruitment

Utility-Sponsored Programs to Enhance LEDO Competitiveness

Are your partners prepared to market their communities? Can your utility cultivate a competitive advantage through LEDO education and training?

  • Audits of LEDO Websites
  • Navigation and Content for LEDO Websites
  • RFP Development and Proposal Evaluation
  • Mock Site Selection Site Visit and Feedback
  • Evaluation of Available Sites and Buildings and Feedback
  • Educational Programs to Improve LEDO Competitiveness

Specialized Consulting Services

  • Retention Negotiations: help keep a company in your service territory
  • Economic Impact Analysis: determine the value of keeping or attracting a company or industry
  • Facility Reuse: find the highest and best use of an available property
  • Reverse Site Selection: develop a marketing plan for industrial parks or unique buildings
  • Policy Education: explain policy initiatives to facilitate understanding among different constituencies


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