Target Industry Analysis

Our blend of corporate location strategy, economic strategy, and economic development marketing implementation give Ady Voltedge a unique approach and perspective on target industry analysis: we understand how business leaders make decisions and what data resonates with them.


Who better to develop your target industry strategy than a firm that advises businesses in their location strategy and helps economic development organizations sell their regions to industry leaders?


Key Elements of an Ady Voltedge Target Industry Analysis:

  • A qualitative evaluation of your region’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • A review of your available properties and an assessment of their suitability for various target industries and sectors
  • The identification and analysis of industry sectors that are currently strong in your region
  • Qualitative input on the productivity of your workforce
  • Quantification of current and future workforce skills
  • An assessment of workforce availability by skills/ occupation within new target industries
  • Recommendations for current and future workforce training programs
  • Projected national, state, and regional trends in sectors
  • Major considerations for recruiting each target industry, from a site selector’s perspective
  • Implementation recommendations and execution through our Marketing Planning process

“If you don’t know what your region is good at, then we don’t either, and we’re moving on.” Those are the words of site selector Dennis Donovan. His point is perfectly clear: no community is well suited for everything, and trying to be everything to everybody will get you nowhere. Yet all Target Industry Analyses are not alike.

The Ady Voltedge approach is unique. It incorporates the site selector throughout. We were the first to include an evaluation of properties early in the process, to eliminate those industries with no realistic sites or buildings. And we were the first to seamlessly incorporate not only a marketing plan, but implementation of that marketing plan, so that our Target Industry Analysis report does not end up on a shelf.


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