Stay vs Go Analysis

Relocating a business is a highly disruptive and costly proposition. Before engaging in a full blown site selection process, it can be beneficial to conduct a stay vs. go analysis.

There are numerous cost/benefit comparisons that must be considered in a comprehensive stay vs. go analysis. And each of these – although complicated enough within themselves – also need to be weighed against one another in order to build a strong business case for expanding either onsite or in a new location. For example:

  • Favorable labor markets elsewhere needs to be evaluated against the desirability of retaining existing staff.
  • Predicted operating-cost savings elsewhere need to be evaluated against severing longstanding community ties.
  • Relocation effects on corporate culture must be considered relative to your company‚Äôs ability to tolerate disruption.
  • Proximity to employees, suppliers, customers, and networks elsewhere must be analyzed relative to the same at your present location.

Armed with this knowledge, your business can make better decisions about how to approach a potential relocation or expansion on site.

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