Social Media Plans

Everyone wants to know: what’s our take on social media in economic development?


The answer: it’s a tool, like other marketing tools that are available to you.  Its use should be driven by your marketing strategy.

It’s not for everyone, and it’s not to blindly pursue without a strategy.  While “free,” it can cost you in staff time if not well managed.

Is the future heading toward social media?  Yes.  We can help you get there, smartly, in a way that advances your objectives and provides you with the return on investment you require.


The Tools

We can get you hooked up with Linked In to reach executives and site selectors, FaceBook for your YPs and tourism targets, and take advantage of awesome (and free) video players like Vimeo and YouTube.   Talk to us, we’ll set you on the right track.



To get involved in social media and have a solid plan moving forward, please contact us to find out more information on our Social Media Planning service or to request a proposal. 

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