Site Selection

There is no such thing as the perfect location. Site Selection is a process of elimination; systematically removing potential locations that do not adequately support your needs.

The Ady Voltedge approach to corporate location strategy and site selection is built on the unique drivers of your company’s success. By translating those drivers into location criteria, we can quantitatively measure the anticipated performance of candidate states, regions or sites. Although the Ady Voltedge process relies on primary research and on-the-ground due diligence to provide final decision support, we begin with an analytics-driven location screening process to quickly narrow the focus to select geographies. The robust decision modeling allows our practitioners to be more efficient with the true value-added field work. It also promotes flexibility in the initial screening to meet each client’s needs.

Step 1: Define Success Drivers and Critical Location Criteria
How can a new location foster business success?

Step 2: Fatal Flaw Analysis
What are your “must haves” in a location?

Step 3: Desktop Decision Modeling
What locations warrant further analysis and consideration?

Step 4: Primary Information Gathering
Engage the communities and states for a deep dive analysis.

Step 5: Final Due Diligence and Negotiations
Finalize the best locations decision for your business.

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