Reverse Site Selection

Ady Voltedge develops strategy and marketing plans that zero in on specific business parks, properties or buildings using the same methods and expertise that we use to identify target industries, assist in corporate location strategy, and effectively market regions, counties, and cities.


Our Reverse Site Selection Process consists of:

  • Conducting baseline research on key locational criteria (that site selectors use themselves) to optimally position an available property or building
  • Confirming and/or expanding on the target industries that are believed to have the best and highest use of a property or building
  • Developing marketing strategies and campaign concepts to effectively reach target audiences, including websites and direct mail pieces
  • Implementing strategies and campaigns



Ady Voltedge has no ties or obligations to commercial real estate firms, and does not work under commission. However, we are happy to coordinate our approach with any real estate professionals you wish.



If you have an available property or building, contact us today or request a proposal and let Ady Voltedge’s Reverse Site Selection service market it to site selectors and relocating and expanding companies.

Call Janet Ady at 608.663.9218 or email: [email protected]