Marketing Plans

How you choose to allocate your marketing resources – time, money, and relationships – can make the difference between a successful EDO and an also-ran.


We bring the deepest knowledge of economic development marketing, along with both analytical research and award-winning implementation experience. Zigging when everyone else is zagging? That is one of hallmarks of an original Ady Voltedge marketing plan.

We bring our insider knowledge of the site selection process to the development of your marketing plan, seamlessly providing a crosswalk between background research and world-class implementation. Simply put: we know how your target audiences think. That means we can help you craft strategies, messages and techniques to reach them better than your competition. Period.

We put it all together, along with recommended tactics, timelines, and budgets to give you a clear roadmap to success.


If you would like Ady Voltedge to help determine your organization’s target audiences, what to say to them and how to reach them, please give us a call today.

Call Janet Ady at 608.663.9218 or email: [email protected]