Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral has an important place in many EDO’s marketing toolkits.


Here’s why. For EDOs pursuing recruitment strategies, a regional profile and target industry sheet serves as the basis for your pitch. For EDOs pursuing BRE strategies, marketing collateral can help galvanize your stakeholders and existing businesses on your region’s competitive advantages.

We have found that working through the process of developing the messaging for effective marketing collateral provides value to the EDO. And its invaluable as the recruitment and BRE strategies are implemented. Marketing collateral development is often a key component to an Ady Voltedge recruitment program, for these reasons.

We bring the same rigorous, analytical-based approach to marketing collateral as we do to other marketing communications we develop. We bring an insider’s knowledge to the process, identifying those pieces of information that are of highest importance to your audiences, and communicating in a way that resonates with them. In addition to regional profiles and target industry sheets, other marketing collateral we develop includes advertising, direct mail, and other communications directed to your external audiences. interest in your region.

Thus, you will avoid the chronic difficulty of trying to communicate your requirements to a third-party advertising and design firm that is unfamiliar with the site selection process. We can provide:

  • Regional profiles
  • Target industry sell sheets
  • Newsletters and/or blogs
  • PowerPoint pitches
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Sell sheets
  • Complete trade show presences, including portable display items such as table throws and pull-up displays

Site Selector Communications

Because of our unique experience and understanding of the site selection process Ady Voltedge understands what interests site selectors and how to communicate with them in the most effective manner — not only in general but on an individual basis. Most firms can’t offer this.

You can use Ady Voltedge’s insider knowledge to greatly enhance your chances of gaining and keeping the attention of site selectors and decision makers in your target industries.


Using our knowledge and experience in economic development, we take your organizations message and display it to the industry’s biggest names on the pages of the industry’s most popular publications. Our team will cover all the steps of the advertising process, from copywriting and design to media planning and placement.


Contact us today to request a proposal or find more information on how our expertise in economic development marketing can put your region in the minds of site selectors and companies nationwide.

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