Market Differentiation

Ady Voltedge offers you unmatched experience and expertise providing branding and marketing plans specifically for economic development, tourism, and/or talent attraction.


We use our understanding of location assets and business decision making to position your state and region to compete for private sector investment.

We bring specialized expertise and knowledge of your target audiences — be they site selectors, engineers, or tank mechanics — into everything we accomplish on your behalf: something that “generalist” marketing consultancies simply cannot do.


Regional and community branding is radically different than branding a consumer product or service, like a flavor of soda or an oil change. The best place branding readily communicates your positioning to your target audiences, and serves to reinforce your location’s strengths across multiple audiences and media.

Competitive Positioning

It is crucial you identify and communicate the core assets of your region that are important to companies seeking to expand or relocate, you need to clearly differentiate it from the other 3,000+ EDOs trying to do the same. This platform is the basis for consistent and compelling communications, whether those communications are through your website, direct marketing, or familiarization tours.

Marketing Plans

In economic development, you have choices in the trade shows and conferences you attend, the recruitment campaigns you conduct, and the familiarization tours you host. How you allocate available time and money can differentiate you from competing locations with more staff and bigger budgets.

Social Media Plans

In the fast-paced world of social media, it’s easy to get lost in the fray. Ady Voltedge can help you utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other options to ensure your organization achieves optimum visibility to site selectors and other audiences. Ask us how to get involved with social media without having to hire three full-time staff to manage it!


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