ED Strategy Planning

The Ady Voltedge strategic planning process focuses on an assessment of local and regional economic performance, and a comprehensive understanding of local strengths and weaknesses relative to competition.


Because the Ady Voltedge team has experience in economic development, corporate location strategy, and marketing, we have the unique ability to approach the planning process through the lens of the private sector. In other words, we evaluate your state or region in the same manner as a business considering locating or expanding in the area. In fact, we sometimes even conduct economic impact analyses to determine the effect that specific relocating or expanding businesses have on the local economy.

This insight will ensure your community goals and long-term strategy are fully aligned with the competitive realities of your region. And Ady Voltedge is known for its practical and actionable recommendations, which we are equipped to implement through our integrated differentiation and implementation services.


Contact us to find out more about how the Ady Voltedge process can assist in your next strategic planning process.

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