Corporate Location Strategy

Ady Voltedge is not a typical business consulting firm. Our focus and expertise is in the application of economic geography to corporate location decisions.

Unlike site location consultants that are departments or subsidiaries of accountancy firms, real estate firms or engineering firms, we are not conflicted with respect to any parent company’s core business. Our independence allows us to provide complete objectivity to our clients.

We also don’t subscribe to the “our way or the highway” approach so often found in large management consulting firms. We work with our clients to design a process that meets their needs, while respecting their desire for involvement and not compromising the integrity of the results. If services are required that Ady Voltedge does not offer, we have relationships with the top firms around the globe, ensuring complete continuity throughout the process.

Why Does Location Strategy Matter?

Labor, access to customers, public image, supply chain, risk, tax burden, etc. are all tied to the success of your business, and all impacted by the location in which you operate. By approaching your company’s decision to expand, relocate or consolidate in a measured, systematic manner – like you would any other mission-critical decision – you can leverage location to benefit operations and reduce costs. The decision you are about to make is a multi-million dollar decision; not just in initial costs, but in future outlays. Partnering with Ady Voltedge to oversee your location strategy will allow you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Site Selection

There is no such thing as the perfect location. With the complexities and dynamics of today’s business environment, the Ady Voltedge site selection process provides a proven, methodical approach to ensure you arrive at the right conclusion.

Location Advisory

Do you want to control the decision making process, or only bring in outside assistance for one piece of the puzzle? Ady Voltedge is prepared to support your internal decision making process in any capacity necessary.

Stay vs. Go Analysis

Has your customer base or supplier base changed? Are you trying to access new markets? Is your business consolidating, merging with, or acquiring another? For these and other reasons you may be evaluating relocating your business.


Incentives exist to promote location competitiveness and mitigate short-comings in the business cost environment.  But, as the saying goes, incentives can’t make a bad location decision good, but they can make a good location decision great.

Asset Reuse

Do you need a strategy to rid yourself of real estate you aren’t utilizing, or maximizing the value of? Developing an asset reuse strategy will drive economic value of your facility or property by marching the unique attributes of the asset to industry needs.

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