competitive assessment

Businesses make decisions to expand, relocate or invest based on the ability of a location to support their operational needs.


If you are going to truly understand the competitiveness of your region or state, you need an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses with the same methodology and focus as private sector investors.

The Ady Voltedge Competitiveness Assessment focuses on:

  • Rating on locational criteria
  • Input from leading site selectors
  • Property evaluation

Rating on Locational Criteria

One of Ady Voltedge’s unique strengths is our understanding of the locational criteria that businesses use when deciding where to relocate or expand their company. In order to develop a community’s optimal positioning, we overlay these factors (those that are important to relocating and expanding companies) with those where a region compares favorably. The locational factors include 40+ factors relating to market characteristics, operating costs, operating conditions, and quality of place.

Input From Leading Site Selectors

Another one of our unique strengths is our connections with other leading site selectors, which is a great benefit for our clients because they have the opportunity to learn how world renowned site selectors perceive their location.

Property Evaluation

Bob Ady was often quoted as saying, “If you don’t have any properties, you have nothing to sell; and if you have nothing to sell, you do not need an economic development program.” For years, Ady Voltedge has included an evaluation of existing sites and buildings into our target industry analysis to ensure there are locations where companies within each recommended target industry could realistically locate.


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