Regional and community branding is radically different than branding a consumer product or service, like a flavor of soda or an oil change.


First of all, the messages you need to convey are “data intense” and need to be presented consistently, efficiently, and supported by respected data sources. Second, there are often muiltiple decision makers involved, such as a CEO, CFO, attorney, commerical real estate broker, HR executive, Board members, and/or other stakeholders.

Third, the risk is great and the stakes are high.  A “typical” relocation or expansion project can require tens of millions of dollars of investment and a twenty- or thirty-year payback period.

Thus, the most important part of regional branding is market research: identifying the major assets of your region relative to the kinds of business or industry you are trying to attract, and then using such data to make sure your regional branding reflects those strengths: every ad, every news release, during every sales call—and even every internal communication.

Because Ady Voltedge understands the information your audiences demand, the questions they are going to ask, and how the business expansion or location decision is made, we are the perfect partner in carving our your brand.


Depend on Ady Voltedge Regional and Community Branding for:

  • Naming your EDO and finding the best URL for it (Wondering what a URL has to do with branding?  Check out our website development page.)
  • Developing a logo that represents your community or region.
  • Determining supporting brand elements, such as color palettes, fonts, and photo styles.
  • Developing brand standards and guidelines.
  • Creating business cards, stationary, and PowerPoint templates.

View our case studies to see samples of our community branding work.


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