Asset Reuse

Do you need a strategy to rid yourself of real estate you aren’t utilizing or maximizing the value of?


An asset reuse strategy is much like a site selection project but in reverse. Whether you have an industrial park or an underutilized industrial complex, 100,000 square feet or a million, Ady Voltedge can help. We analyze the surrounding business environment (labor, infrastructure, taxes, etc.) and, if necessary, partner with an industrial engineering firm to identify the strengths and assets of the facility itself.

With that insight and our expertise in target industry analysis and recruitment, we can provide guidance on what types of industries and even individual companies would have the greatest interest in the facility and location. Ady Voltedge can even partner directly with your real estate representative to prepare marketing material tailored to the location demands of those businesses.

The result of a good asset reuse strategy is reduced time on market and increased sale or lease value.

Learn how Ady Voltedge can help you find the best and highest use for underutilized property in your real estate portfolio.